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file sharing

Fourth file sharing decision undefended

Manifestly unjust? Fifth file sharing decision involves soldier serving in Afghanistan

Rick Shera

Again, the spotlight is on the file-sharing law holding an internet account holder responsible for the action of flatmates, family or staff - in this case when he was serving his country overseas.

Third file sharing decision sees another small damages award

Elton John

Rianz sought $4000 after an Elton John song, and a Coldplay song, were allegedly pirated. The Tribunal again fails to buy the music industry's arguments on key points. RAW DATA: Read the decision. UPDATED

Tech Liberty releases Rianz submission in dropped $2700 music piracy case

Thomas Beagle

Case was shaping up to be a PR disaster, illustrating a fundamental flaw in the so-called "three strikes" legislation. 

File sharing law - NZ downloaders simply shift tactics

Donald Clark

Waikato University research indicates there has been little net-change in the sharing of copyrighted material.