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finance and expenditure committee

Wheeler seeks ‘soft landing’ for property market

Graeme Wheeler

Hopes to cushion the landing for over-heating Auckland and Christchurch property markets in an effort to avoid the pitfalls seen in the US.

Current account gap no threat to economic stability - Mahklouf

Treasury secretary Gabriel Makhlouf

Deficit is being exaggerated by insurance flows stemming from the Canterbury rebuild and is not ringing alarm bells, Treasury secretary says.

New tool kit won't stop rampant Auckland housing market

In recent months, banks have been writing bigger mortgages as a ratio to the value of property.

Treasury keeps half-year forecasts intact, sees kiwi strong into next year

Gabriel Makhlouf: risks still skewed to the downside

Secretary Gabriel Makhlouf tells parliament's finance and expenditure committee its forecast average annual growth of 2.5% in the next five years is by and large intact.

Governor’s parliamentary debut ends with a whimper

Graeme Wheeler delivers his report earlier today

Graeme Wheeler's first appearance before a parliamentary select committee descends into farce when the room is cleared to let politicians argue for more time with him.

Wellington Airport gouging $100m from service charges: Air NZ

The airport has extracted $100 million in excessive profits with its most recent price increases for services, says its biggest customer, Air New Zealand.