Gareth Hughes continues to be an effective thorn in the side of those promoting deep sea oil drilling and fracking

US CO2 emissions keep reducing

Tue 31 May

OPINION: Carbon dioxide emissions in the United States fell again in 2015.

Colorado Oil & Gas chief executive Tisha Schuller

Crippled by controversy? Big Oil has a few lessons for you

Fri 17 Apr

Not everyone protesting is an activist, so how do energy companies split the crazies from the concerned to stay ahead?

Groningen gas field (Map of Natural Gas concessions of the NAM in the Netherlands. Source of concessions is Shell/NAM)

Dutch group visits Aurecon to learn about seismic protection from fracking

Wed 1 Apr

They have come to visit Aurecon because of its seismic design and assessment experience includes base isolation, sliding hinge technology and triple pendulum bearings.

Briony Bennett

What the frack?


A beginner's guide to the shale gas and oil revolution that saved the US economy.


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