Gabriel Makhlouf

Treasury secretary Gabriel Makhlouf

Tax cut allowance intact for 2017, Super Fund top-ups pushed out 2 years

Tue 15 Dec 1

However, the 2016 Budget Policy Statement shows the government still intends to make $2.5 billion available in its 2017 election budget.

Economically speaking: The moral case for diversity

Fri 11 Dec

The impact on average profits matters less than ensuring fair and equitable processes for appointing people to boards 

Treasury Secretary Gabriel Makhlouf

Wishful Treasury thinking?

Wed 25 Nov 7

Eric Crampton on Gabriel Makhlouf's case for business diversity.

The Secretary of the Treasury Gabriel Makhlouf

Opinion: Leadership needs diversity


The Secretary of the Treasury reponds to Bruce Cotterill's "Lesson's in leadership from the All Blacks".

Treasury secretary Gabriel Makhlouf

Treasury papers miss target for technical quality

Thu 22 Oct 1

Treasury reports miss the mark on technical quality

NZBio chief executive Will Barker

NZBio backs fresh debate over new biotechnologies, including genetic modification

Mon 15 Jun

Treasury secretary Gabriel Makhlouf said when new technologies come along, both genetically modified and non-genetically modified, New Zealand's current system denies choice over whether the country should have them.


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