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Gabriel Makhlouf

FMA to seize Sheppard ‘evidence’, Sir Roger flays welfare state, fishing giants mull levy cuts and Mt Gox accounts twist

Supposedly new information about failed property lender Hanover Finance interests FMA

NZ could feel serious impact from debt crisis - Treasury boss Makhlouf

Treasury secretary Gabriel Makhlouf

If US govt fails to pay its suppliers by October 17, the result would be very serious for all economies including New Zealand

NZ must fund higher healthcare, pensions while avoiding debt blowout

Gabriel Makhlouf: the sooner the better

On the nation's current track, revenue will fail to meet expenses by the mid-2020s, Treasury says.

Current account gap no threat to economic stability - Mahklouf

Treasury secretary Gabriel Makhlouf

Deficit is being exaggerated by insurance flows stemming from the Canterbury rebuild and is not ringing alarm bells, Treasury secretary says.

Public service falling short on evaluating policy, Treasury boss says

Treasury Secretary Gabriel Makhlouf

The most radical reform since the 1980s is under way.

Treasury keeps half-year forecasts intact, sees kiwi strong into next year

Gabriel Makhlouf: risks still skewed to the downside

Secretary Gabriel Makhlouf tells parliament's finance and expenditure committee its forecast average annual growth of 2.5% in the next five years is by and large intact.