Geoff Robinson

Bryce Edwards


Wed 2 Apr 14

Sir Roger’s budget take, Kim Dotcom’s financial headaches, GrabOne founder’s next trick and China’s shadow banking risk

Fri 28 Mar 14

Former finance minister Sir Roger Douglas explains how to judge the 2014 budget.

Susie Ferguson

New Morning Report host Susie Ferguson: A time for change

Sat 22 Mar 14

Before her appointment, UK-born Ms Ferguson had hosted Summer Report and filled in on Morning Report.

Susie Ferguson

UPDATED: Radio NZ appoints replacement for Mercep

Fri 14 Feb 14

Susie Ferguson to co-host Morning Report

Geoff Robinson

Morning Report's Geoff Robinson to retire next year

Thu 28 Nov 13 16

Mr Robinson announced his retirement on air this morning, saying his voice was cracking as he thanked his colleagues and team for their support.

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