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Global Tech Wrap

GLOBAL TECH WRAP: Facebook to Notify Users When Friends are Nearby

"I just thought I'd drop by and surprise ... oh."

PLUS: Edward Snowden makes his first major public appearance in Russia.

GLOBAL TECH WRAP: NSA exploited heartbleed bug for years - report

Amazon releasing smartphone | Turkey's PM goes after Twitter for tax evasion | An infographic guide to the sites affected by Heartbleed - do you need to change your password?

GLOBAL TECH WRAP: Apple launching iWatch in third quarter - report

Left and below: artists' impressions of how the an Apple smartwatch could look

GLOBAL TECH WRAP: Apple launches cheaper version of iPhone 5c in five markets

iPhone 5c

PLUS: Apple in talks over iTunes app for Android | Google launches Android Wear | US tech giants new about NSA data collection | More shenanigans at the Bitcoin exchange with a $43m Kiwi connection.

GLOBAL TECH WRAP: BlackBerry's White House blow

PLUS: Symantec CEO fired | Microsoft employee knicks Windows code.

GLOBAL TECH WRAP: Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo to feature Apple CarPlay in new vehicles this year

An Apple Carplay mockup

PLUS: Tech stars make a comeback in the latest Forbes Billionaires list | Samsung's Chromebook 2 | ABC's Oscar livestream outage points to trouble ahead for broadcasters.