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government debt

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL RESULT: What's your verdict on National's tax cut policy?

Bill English and John Key at Monday's press conference (Rob Hosking)

Election 2014 fact-checker: Labour's 'worse than Muldoon' debt claim

David Cunliffe: Govt debt rising, but will peak at less than half Muldoon-era levels

Treasury takes a knife to bond programme as finances improve

English warns 2014-15 Budget surplus will be small, volatile

Bill English

The forecast Budget surplus for the year to June 30 2015 will be small and exposed to the influence of even small changes in the value of some government liabilities, particularly government bonds, says English.

NZ govt operating deficit smaller than forecast, sticks to 2015 surplus target

Bill English

A bigger corporate tax take and less spending on the Canterbury earthquake than expected.

NZ must fund higher healthcare, pensions while avoiding debt blowout

Gabriel Makhlouf: the sooner the better

On the nation's current track, revenue will fail to meet expenses by the mid-2020s, Treasury says.