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Prophecy fails the scientific test

Rodney Hide

Global warming ends with a whimper

Rodney Hide

Don't let politics decide land use

HIDE SIGHT It has historically been governments that have overused and abused natural resources, not private landowners.

Stop stealing to make us roar

HIDESIGHT There’s nothing better: Foreigners buying up New Zealand businesses, freeing up Kiwis’ money for more productive uses, and still getting to benefit from the companies. 

A Southern slave owner vs the modern democratic state

A scene from the 1977 mini-series Roots

HIDESIGHT Which is more rapacious? The answer is clear cut.

Why what’s fair is no longer a fair go

Rodney Hide

HIDESIGHT There’s an incessant political demand for “social justice”. It’s just a catchcry to justify state-sponsored theft.