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As he prepared for an NZ tour, Jordan Belfort, aka The Wolf of Wall Street (above with his fiancé) talked to NBR about drugs, betrayal, Ivy League bankers run amok and what he hates about Martin Scorses's film of his autobiography, and why he doesn't feel guilt about defrauding investors of around $US200 million

The best-read Weekend Review stories of 2014

Holiday Review

From the Wolf of Wall Street to confronting death to 10 tricks to appear smarter during meetings.

Largest Airbus A330 on maiden flight

Carry on: Heaviest A330, Airbus v Boeing, Scoot's Australian partner

Holiday Review

A weekly roundup for business travellers

Spark CEO Simon Moutter

The best-read business stories of 2014

Holiday Review

From floats to flops.

Jamie Whyte


Holiday Review

ACT's Jamie Whyte观点:为什么应该取消海外投资办公室

Coming soon to a living room near you (official, like)

The best-read technology stories of 2014

Holiday Review

Hacking, Netflix, Chorus' ups-and-downs and the Xero roller coaster.

I Measure U co-founder Mark Finch.

I Measure U to launch Kickstarter campaign for consumer running app

Holiday Review

Body-movement measuring tech developer seeks minimum of $US500,000.


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