Holiday Review

LAWA rates Mission Bay, based on a Dec 9 water sample

Website rates water quality at more than 350 beaches

Aussies worry about sharks. For us, it's bacteria.

Take the NBR's Year in Review Biz Quiz

Test your skills with 20 rapidfire multichoice questions.

Dan News bloopers 2014

Dan News' annual compilation of the best (or worst) bloopers from NZ news presenters, and those around the world.

Zespri chief executive Lain Jager

Zespri says kiwifruit growers facing record per-hectare returns

Pre-hectare returns for green kiwifruit growers are forecast at $52,987 and green organic at $42,207.

In attendance at LG's red-themed event: Mega's Finn Batato

LG's futuristic TVs

Including a set with a build-in recorder, and a 77-inch, curved 4K OLED TV.


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