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David Drummond (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

David and the drones

Fri 22 Jul 4

Gisborne's UA Systems has developed a long battery-life, heavy-lifting drone for beaming an internet or cellular signal into a remote area, or one with a sudden need for bandwidth like a sports event. With special feature audio.

Tech commentator Ian Apperley
Tech commentator Ian Apperley

The Death of the Password

Wed 22 Jun 6

OPINION: The password as a protection mechanism is just awful. With special feature audio.

Wellington mayor Celia Wade-Brown

Wellington mayor gags councillors

Thu 19 May 2

OPINION: It's an omnishambles. With special feature audio.

Tech commentator Ian Apperley

Is Facebook suppressing conservative views?

Wed 11 May 4

Facebook faces claims it routinely suppresses stories of interest to conservative from its influential “trending” news section. With special feature audio.

General Motors’ EN-V is a vehicle that owes a lot to the Segway, because it balances on just two wheels. Most importantly though, it can drive itself and may be the first generation of autonomous vehicles

Dump the cycleways – how driverless cars will save the world


OPINION: Debate over the past two years has argued cycleways are either a good solution to traffic woes or an over-hyped solution put forward by self-interested industry groups and a left-leaning local politics environment.


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