LG's curved-screen TV

A week of wonder gadgets DON'T OPEN

Sat 14 Sep 13

It was something of a cracker week for gadgets. Let's take a quick look back.

Tuesday saw NBR ONLINE get a hands-on look at Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch. It's a smartly designed and user-friendly, but I think some will balk at its day-long battery life, and aggressive power-saving mode that sees the screen blank by default (see more, plus photos and videos, here). The Gear will be launched in the first week of October.

Mark Callander

The problem with Slingshot's igloo deal

Fri 19 Apr 13 4

Igloo, the low-cost pay TV service co-owned by Sky TVNZ and Sky TV will be bundled with new monthly broadband plans.


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