Jordan Carter

Campbell Gardiner

Make defendants pay half in domain name disputes: lawyer

Thu 19 May 2

With special feature audio.

Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler (Photo: Rob Hosking)

Reserve Bank weighing up ending OCR lockup ban – but there is a catch

Wed 11 May

The central bank is considering technology to help “run the lockups without wifi”

InternetNZ deputy chief executive Andrew Cushen

Corporates seen as bigger privacy threat than government

Thu 14 Apr

Users are more concerned that corporates, not governments, are abusing people’s privacy online.  With special feature audio.

InternetNZ CEO Jordan Carter

More predictable regulation for NZ's telecom backbone post-2020

Thu 14 Apr

A review of the 15 year-old Telecommunications Act is also likely to see tweaks to the existing regime for mobile telecommunications infrastructure.

InternetNZ chief executive Jordan Carter

TPP's 'digital locks' provision could criminalise people viewing legal content — InternetNZ

Thu 7 Apr 4

Carter tells MPs there are four problems with the Trans-Pacific Partnership | MPs' timeline to consider TPP submission's slashed.

Chorus adamant new workers will be locals

Fri 4 Mar

Telco network operator Chorus is confident it will be able to double the number of its ultra-fast broadband (UFB) technicians by the middle of this year without looking overseas.


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