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Kim Dotcom

Mona refused exclusion from Dotcom freezing orders

Kim Dotcom and Mona Dotcom

While Mrs Dotcom separated from the German entrepreneur in May, a recent Court of Appeal decision says she can’t separate her assets from freezing orders

Dotcom appealing order to reveal assets

Dotcom relaxes in Queenstown with actress/model Danielle Sharp (@KimDotcom, July 7)

Cunliffe 'welcome' to keep talking about Nicky Hager book, says Key

Prime Minister John Key defends Cameron Slater, Judith Collins and Jason Ede

Internet Mana caves in to ASA and censors 'F**k John Key' video

A still from the new version

I'd struggle to call it the defining issue of the election, but for the record Laila Harre has broken a pledge made during her NBR AMA session.

Dotcom claims credit for Xero shares dropping 20%

The stock picker: cock-a-hoop over NZ's leading tech company losing value

Get off the grass, Kim. Here's the real reason behind this week's pull-back:

Appeal court gives lawyers chance to negotiate return of Dotcom's information

Kim Dotcom, Finn Batato, Mathias Ortmann and Bram van der Kolk