Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom

BOTW: Tensions rise at Dotcom hearing close


Judge tells Dotcom to be quiet. 

Kim Dotcom: "of good character"

OIO judges Dotcom ‘good character’ – despite hacking, insider trading, reckless driving

Thu 26 Feb 15 2

Kim Dotcom's good character considerations revealed.

Mona Dotcom

Mona Dotcom breaks down in court, withdraws opposition to unfreezing husband's funds

Thu 26 Feb 15 6

PLUS: Police say Kim Dotcom used family trust to fund his own dance music album, and fund the Internet Party.

Kim Dotcom

Dotcom owes Simpson Grierson $2 million

Thu 26 Feb 15 4

Latest from Dotcom's High Court bid to unfreeze funds.

Andrus Nomm

Former Megaupload programmer 'strikes plea bargain with US'

Wed 11 Feb 15 5

Dotcom's US lawyer says this is to be expected for financial reasons.

Andrus Nomm

Former Megaupload programmer arrested in US

Tue 10 Feb 15

Andrus Nomm's arrest in the US indicates a plea bargain may have been struck.


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