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Kim Dotcom

Five things you’ve missed behind the scenes of the John Banks’ pre-trial hearings

John Banks (TV3)

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Hone Harawira – the great unifier of ManaDotcom?

Kim Dotcom

The Internet Party's open policy-making process - where the buck stops

Dotcom an at multi-organisation rally against the government's surveillance bills at Auckland Town Hall last year

Dotcom will hurt Labour more than anyone else

Disruptive factor Dotcom with Hone Harawira on Saturday

Dotcom a neoliberal millionaire who sounds like John Key - Mana's Sue Bradford

Harawira arrives at the AGM on a Harley (via @LiveNewsDesk). Can he be a compatible petrolhead with the Merc-loving Dotcom?

Chalk up a fail for the Dotcom charm offensive. UPDATED: Intenet Party says it wants free education for all, "financial kickbacks" for those who buy online.

US record labels follow movie studios in suing Dotcom’s Megaupload

Kim Dotcom