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Kim Dotcom

Dotcom criticised for 'kills hooker' joke

Internet Party founder deletes tweet that draws criticism from party leader, Prostitutes Collective.

Movie studios want global picture of Dotcom’s assets

Dotcom relaxes in Queenstown with actress/model Danielle Sharp (@KimDotcom, July 7)

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL RESULT: Will Baboom put an end to the high levels of ambiguity involved in online music service payment?

Mikee Tucker

Baboom blows capital raising deadline – again

Baboom founder Kim Dotcom, who holds 45% of the company through a family trust. Faced with artists wary of Dotcom's "Megaupload heritage", the startup is dangling a 90% royalty rate lure (Chris Keall)

Key tells Dotcom to put up or shut up

Kim Dotcom

PLUS: Dotcom praises Laila Harre for "giving the finger" to "motherf******s" in the the "right wing media", but won't let the Internet Party leader in on what he plans to reveal at the September 15 rally.