Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom (TV3)

Dotcom to affirm legal team for extradition case

Tue 16 Dec 14 1

The accused internet pirate is lawyering up (again). 

Kim Dotcom

Dotcom hails Hong Kong High Court ruling over frozen $60m as ‘turning point!’

Mon 8 Dec 14 3

Hong Kong High Court judge unfreezes Megaupload assets – then immediately locks them up again.

Dotcom outside the Auckland District Court this afternoon (Victoria Young)

Crown fails to jail Dotcom

Mon 1 Dec 14 19

US and Crown lose bid to revoke bail but tougher conditions imposed.

Ron Mansfield

Dotcom has no intention of skipping the country, his lawyer says

Mon 1 Dec 14 1

Tough bail conditions imposed.

Kim Dotcom

Mona, an elusive Rolls Royce Phantom, $40m earnings while on bail — Dotcom's evidence

Mon 1 Dec 14 2

Kim Dotcom was cross-examined last week by the Crown in a bail hearing which continues today. 


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