Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom challenges John Banks in open letter

Thu 21 May 18

It's in John Banks' power to shut down these shenanigans by answering basic questions about his case.

Otago law professor Andrew Geddis

Crown Law should pay for Banks 'stuff up' – expert

Wed 20 May 2

“They tried to have their cake and eat it too,” Andrew Geddis says.

Kim Dotcom

Giant German lying in the way of any Banks run for mayor

Wed 20 May 31

It might be sour and vengeful, but Kim Dotcom's ongoing campaign against John Banks will raise doubts — and more so given ACT's watery comments about a John Banks political comeback.


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John Banks (@LIVENewsDesk)

UPDATE: John Banks will not rule out Auckland mayoralty bid

Tue 19 May 41

The Court of Appeal had ruled in November the former MP should be re-tried after his conviction was quashed.

Kim Dotcom (TV3)

Crown appeals Dotcom's asset release

Tue 19 May 13

Crown wants millions in government bonds to remain frozen. 

Dotcom with his personalised cars

Dotcom back in court over luxury cars, Mona's mini mansion and more

Fri 8 May 2

The Crown, which is looking after Dotcom's assets, wants to own them.


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