Kim Dotcom

Briefcase: Kim Dotcom's law firm and Colin Craig on the defence

Fri 2 Sep 1

What they're talking about in the legal world. With special feature audio.

Former Dotcom worker John Tactaquin (TV3)

Dotcom forced to hand over documents in employment dispute

Fri 2 Sep 2

Employment dispute between the Dotcoms and three former workers continues to drag on.

Kim Dotcom

US tries to restrict Dotcom trial live-stream

Fri 2 Sep 4

Megaupload camp tries to get rules liberalised.

Dotcom: make "brilliant edits"

Genius move: Live-stream file-sharing chaos will play into Dotcom’s hands

Tue 30 Aug 44

A plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel.

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom allowed to live-stream extradition appeal

Tue 30 Aug

Live-stream to have a 20-minute delay and start tomorrow.

Kim Dotcom

Judge failed to go into case with open mind – Megaupload lawyer

Mon 29 Aug 31

UPDATED. Kim Dotcom’s last-minute bid to live-stream his six-week extradition appeal has been condemned as being too late but it may still be granted.


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