Kim Dotcom

Tony Lentino with sister Vinnie Hill at the Mega launch party in January 2013 (Chris Keall)

Tech entrepreneur Tony Lentino dies

Tue 26 Jul 2

The Napier-born business man owned Super Black Racing, and was one of the original investors in Kim Dotcom's Mega — before ultimately falling out with the accused pirate.

Kim Dotcom

Dotcom breached asset freeze

Mon 25 Jul 9

Film studio lawyer says Megaupload founder breached an asset freeze order by taking a loan from his lawyers.

John Banks (TV3)

Banks denied 'grave injustice' costs

Thu 14 Jul 25

Justice Ed Wylie last week apologised to the former ACT MP's wife, Amanda. With special feature audio.

John Banks (TVNZ)

Banks seeking costs for 'grave injustice,' judge apologises

Thu 7 Jul 20

Justice Ed Wylie publicly apologises to John Banks' wife, Amanda. With special feature audio.

Mega chairman Stephen Hall

Mega Kazakhstan case reveals Google, Microsoft data handover


Microsoft and Google gave the Kazakhstan government data to help identify people accused of hacking its servers and email addresses.

Mega chairman Stephen Hall

Court Report: Hacked off

Thu 19 May

Hamish McNicol weighs up privacy, hackers, and the Republic of Kazakhstan’s “unenviable” human rights. With special feature audio.


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