Kim Dotcom

Dotcom’s estranged online music service love-child debuts

Wed 19 Aug 3

“We are not Spotify or Apple, and we don't intend to be – we are not looking to knock them off their pedestal."

See you in Hong Kong

Dotcom posts recording of conversation with Universal Music execs – who were leaning toward a Megakey deal

Tue 18 Aug

Two days before the raid on Dotcom mansion, two Universal Music Group staff showed serious interest in Dotcom’s ad-replacement technology, which remains an interesting concept.

Mega chief executive Graham Gaylard

Mega raises $7.5m as new shareholders take majority control

Thu 13 Aug 2

Li Zhi Min, who bought a cornerstone stake in Mega from Shen Zhao Wu in July, now owns 43% of the company.

Kim Dotcom

Key evidence in Dotcom employment dispute suppressed

Tue 4 Aug 4

“I’m being abused by these people" – Kim Dotcom.


Campbell Gibson talks about the Dotcom court case on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

With friends like these

Kim Dotcom turns on Mega – and CEO responds to savaging

Fri 31 Jul 2

Dotcom sees "hostile takeover" by Asian interests; says people's data is no longer safe with the file-sharing service.

Kim Dotcom (TV3)

Mega rings in board changes after ownership shuffle

Mon 20 Jul 2

Mega has reshuffled its board after last week's ownership changes.


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