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Chinese company launching a judicial review over government's decision to block the sale of Lochinver Station

Shanghai Pengxin wants government’s Lochinver decision reversed

Thu 15 Oct 48

Challenge to the government's blocking of Lochinver Station sale to Chinese.


Sally Lindsay talks about Shanghai Pengxin on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

IAN APPERLEY: ‘While the rest of the world is trialling the technology and figuring out how to make it secure, we are stuck in the dark ages painting the sky as falling’

Online voting on the rocks?

Fri 18 Sep

Elections using paper ballots cost a lot of money. Of the $26 million being spent on the flag referendum for example, about $17 million will be spent on the mechanics of processing postal votes.

Associate local government minister Louise Upston

Online voting trial in peril

Wed 16 Sep 13

Crucial vote in Wellington this morning | Tension between online voting provider and minister. UPDATE: Wellington makes its decision.

Land Information Minister Louise Upston

Tougher rules for property investors introduced in new bill

Tue 23 Jun 1

Property investors under the microscope.

New third whip, Jami-Lee Ross

Youngest MP becomes National Party whip

Tue 29 Jan

The finishing touches to Prime Minister John Key's cabinet reshuffle.

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