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Maori Council

How law man predicted Maori Council appeal dismissal

Dr Andrew Geddis: good we've got one voice speaking for the court

Supreme Court decision opens way for privatisations

Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias

The court gives Maori claimants a small bone by rejecting findings last year in the High Court that the cabinet decision to sell a stake in MRP could not be judicially reviewed.

Supreme Court throws out Maori Council's Mighty River appeal

Partial privatisation of Mighty River Power will not impair to a material extent the Crown's ability to remedy any Treaty breach in respect of Maori interest in the river.

Cabinet holds back on asset sales, waits for Supreme Court

Prime Minister John Key says cabinet could have passed an Order in Council today to proceed with the sale, but it would have been "churlish" to do so.

Supreme Court to ignore govt deadline on water rights decision

A decision by next Monday on the Maori Council's appeal to halt partial privatisation of Mighty River Power may not be met.

Chief justice unlikely to side with water right challenge

Andrew Geddis

Professor Andrew Geddis says the High Court’s decision was “a robust one and I would be surprised to see it overturned”.