Mark Sainsbury

Mark Sainsbury

Sainsbury takes permanent gig at MediaWorks

Fri 27 Jun 14

MediaWorks says the show called Sunday Mornings with Mark Sainsbury, will review the major news events of the week and look at the week ahead

Lady McKinnon mistaken for media minx – how could this be?

Thu 13 Dec 12 1

Who could possibly confuse the regal Clare de Lore aka Lady McKinnon with lowly tale-teller Rachel Glucina?

Mark Sainsbury

Underpaid presenter leaves with the show

WEEKEND REVIEW Sat 1 Dec 12 21

It is a small, insular industry very hard to be accepted into. But once in, it is a close family even if they punch each other in the head and feud occasionally. 

Mark Sainsbury
Mark Sainsbury

Axe falls on Close Up

Thu 27 Sep 12 10

State broadcaster considers canceling current affairs show, fronted by Mark Sainsbury.

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