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Sir Roger’s budget take, Kim Dotcom’s financial headaches, GrabOne founder’s next trick and China’s shadow banking risk

Former finance minister Sir Roger Douglas explains how to judge the 2014 budget.

Dotcom exhausts $3.6 million legal fund

Dotcom's US attorney Ira Rothken (left) and Paul Davison QC huddle at the Mega launch (Chris Keall)

Shareholders Assn warns speculators over TRS-Mega bet

John Hawkins, Shareholders Association

John Hawkins says speculation isn’t illegal but investors can't go bleating to regulators if they get caught up in the hype.

Mega backdoor shareholder faces 25 securities charges; $250k National Party donor link emerges

Dotcom: Under the Mega deal, TRS will buy 100 % of Mega for $210 million (Chris Keall)

Mega CFO promoted to CEO with Kumar's departure

CEO talks up profitability timeframe, new features.

UPDATED: Court reserves decision on inaccurate Dotcom search warrants

Kim Dotcom