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Smoke and mirrors cause Mega problem for backdoor listing

L-R: Mega investor William Yan - shares seized; Mega founder & principal strategist Kim Dotcom; Mega reverse listing backer Paul Choiselat – faces 22 market manipulation charges at ASIC hearing Oct 22

Front-footing share seizure the right move – Mega CEO

Mega chief executive Graham Gaylard

Mega CEO responds as Yan's shares restrained under Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act

Mega founder and 'principal strategist' Kim Dotcom. The file sharing site is set to reverse list on the NZX on October 31

New Mega HR head Shane Te Pou well connected

Mega human resources director Shane Te Pou

Source says Mega CEO Stephen Hall pushed

Stephen Hall

Original investor and CEO Tony Lentino quits Mega, citing principles

Tony Lentiino at Mega's launch: His domain name company, Instra has revenues around $20 million and is "very profitable" he says (Chris Keall)