William Yan outside the High Court at Auckland yesterday (Victoria Young)

What Citizen Yan wants

Tue 9 Dec 14 1

What multimillionaire investor wants for living expenses.  

Ron Mansfield

Dotcom has no intention of skipping the country, his lawyer says

Mon 1 Dec 14 1

Tough bail conditions imposed.

Kim Dotcom (TV3)

Crown's bail breach case against Dotcom revealed

Fri 28 Nov 14 5

Media allowed to report details for first time; Crown wants alleged pirate back in prison. 

Mega shares shuffled

Fri 28 Nov 14

Kim and Mona Dotcom play swapsies with Mega shares.

William Yan (TV3)

A glimpse into Citizen Yan’s business deals

Thu 20 Nov 14

Court decision reveals some of what has been frozen.

Paul Choiselat

Mega merger man in dark on deal details

Thu 13 Nov 14 1

TRS' majority shareholder doesn't know status of Mega's NZX backdoor listing as he awaits hearing on market manipulation charges.


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