Mega chief compliance officer Stephen Hall

Mega's NZX reverse listing deadline extended — again

Thu 19 Mar 15

Kim Dotcom-founded file sharing service has been left high-and-dry for a payment solution since PayPal pulled the plug — apparently under MasterCard and Visa pressure.

Kim Dotcom

Dotcom loses bid to delay extradition hearing

Mon 16 Mar 15 2

PLUS: Court releases some cash to Dotcom.

Mega CEO Graham Gaylard

PayPal silent, readers vocal on move to pull the plug on Mega

Mon 16 Mar 15

PLUS: BUSINESS PULSE Poll result — Was PayPal right to stop processing payments for Mega?

CEO Graham Gaylard: "Mega needs to defend itself and will now cease taking a passive stance"

Mega, still frozen out by PayPal, calls in lawyers

Fri 13 Mar 15 4

"Mega needs to defend itself and will now cease taking a passive stance," says the chief executive of the Kim Dotcom-founded file sharing site. Pressure from NetNames, a US denator, Visa and MasterCard has left it high and dry, without a payment solution.

Senator Patrick Leahy: Confirms letters to MasterCard, Visa, asking them not to do business with "cyberlockers" that he says "exist to unlawfully store and disseminate infringing files around the world."

Senator's letters reveal pressure on MasterCard, Visa to stop processing payments for Mega

WEEKEND REVIEW Sat 7 Mar 15 22

As NZX reverse listing looms, the Dotcom-founded file-sharing service is suddenly left high-and-dry without a payment processing system — but its chief executive says a solution is in train.

Mega CEO Graham Gaylard

MasterCard, Visa pressure sees PayPal stop servicing payments for Mega

Mon 2 Mar 15 5

US senator puts heat on Visa, MasterCard over the Kim Dotcom-founded file sharing service, and they in turn lean on PayPal, Mega says | NZX reverse listing still on.


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