Mega CEO Graham Gaylard

MasterCard, Visa pressure sees PayPal stop servicing payments for Mega

Mon 2 Mar 15 5

US senator puts heat on Visa, MasterCard over the Kim Dotcom-founded file sharing service, and they in turn lean on PayPal, Mega says | NZX reverse listing still on.

Mega CEO Graham Gaylard

ASK ME ANYTHING: Mega CEO Graham Gaylard

Mon 2 Feb 15 50

The Mega boss weighs in on everything from wrangling Kim Dotcom to that tricky backdoor listing on the NZX.

Today is Mega's second birthday.

Mega listing pushed back for fifth time

Sat 24 Jan 15 3

The listing process hasn't been problematic, "it’s just been tedious".

Dotcom on January 12 (@KimDotcom)

Dotcom's 'Skype killer' — the challenges it faces

WEEKEND REVIEW Sat 24 Jan 15 11

Mega launches an encrypted video chat service. UPDATED

William Yan outside the High Court at Auckland yesterday (Victoria Young)

What Citizen Yan wants

Tue 9 Dec 14 1

What multimillionaire investor wants for living expenses.  

Ron Mansfield

Dotcom has no intention of skipping the country, his lawyer says

Mon 1 Dec 14 1

Tough bail conditions imposed.


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