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Kim Dotcom

US says enough is enough, Dotcom extradition hearing must go ahead

Wed 11 Mar 1

Crown lawyer Christine Gordon says Dotcom and his legal team have "gambled'' on getting multiple delays of the hearing.

Kim Dotcom

Sparks fly in Dotcom spy drama

Thu 14 Feb 9

Dotcom's lawyers argue full discovery won't be onerous or excessive.

Kim Dotcom has the midas touch...

Why Kim Dotcom has the midas touch on media fever


Politicians, public figures and celebrities who have had a bad PR run need to take a leaf out of Kim Dotcom’s book – he has the midas touch.

Kim Dotcom has been a focus of attention in the capital

Crowds swamp Kim Dotcom's capital debut

Thu 20 Sep 27

The US government is appealing an earlier decision requiring the FBI to hand over evidence to Dotcom's legal team. UPDATED

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