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Dotcom's Baboom blows capital raising deadline – again

Baboom founder Kim Dotcom, who holds 45% of the company through a family trust. Faced with artists wary of Dotcom's "Megaupload heritage", the startup is dangling a 90% royalty rate lure (Chris Keall)

Baboom yet to blow up for NZ indie music scene

APRA AMCOS director Anthony Healey

Dotcom exhausts $3.6 million legal fund

Dotcom's US attorney Ira Rothken (left) and Paul Davison QC huddle at the Mega launch (Chris Keall)

DOJ releases new FBI evidence - and a lot of it's embarrassing for Dotcom

Kim Dotcom

Some intriguing new detail on Megaupload's huge profits; its cash rewards programme, and an apparent attempt to build "plausible deniability"  | A Skype exchange where Dotcom's crew discuss the odds he'll leg it with the money.

The John and Kim show; other GCSB oral submission highlights

Dotcom fronts for his 15 minute submission

"Why are you turning red, Prime Minister?" | Tech Liberty founder says bill is more fitting for East Germany or China | Contrarian says Key nailed it. UPDATED with submission videos.