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Dotcom exhausts $3.6 million legal fund

Dotcom's US attorney Ira Rothken (left) and Paul Davison QC huddle at the Mega launch (Chris Keall)

DOJ releases new FBI evidence - and a lot of it's embarrassing for Dotcom

Kim Dotcom

Some intriguing new detail on Megaupload's huge profits; its cash rewards programme, and an apparent attempt to build "plausible deniability"  | A Skype exchange where Dotcom's crew discuss the odds he'll leg it with the money.

The John and Kim show; other GCSB oral submission highlights

Dotcom fronts for his 15 minute submission

"Why are you turning red, Prime Minister?" | Tech Liberty founder says bill is more fitting for East Germany or China | Contrarian says Key nailed it. UPDATED with submission videos.

Police to sort and return Dotcom's seized items

Kim Dotcom

“I accept that cost and effort will be involved, but it is cost and effort that arises from the need to deal with the material in a lawful manner" – Chief High Court Judge Helen Winkelmann.

Ask Me Anything: Mega CEO Vikram Kumar

Kim Dotcom with new Mega CEO Vikram Kumar