MERCEDES BENZ E-CLASS: Embodies all that is great about a large sedan

The sedan is still king … when it’s an E-Class

Fri 17 Jun

For a number of years now we’ve been hearing how big sedans are out; SUVs (even teeny tiny ones) are in. And it must be said that’s a pretty fair analysis of the state of the market. 

ENTRY POINT: But the Mercedes-Benz GLS 350d has nothing entry-level about it

Refinement, subtlety, space and the grace of a luxury liner

Fri 3 Jun

So often these days large luxury SUVs receive the sort of sporty modifications you would usually associate with a performance coupe.

MERCEDES-AMG GLS 63: As capaciously practical as superbly designed and specified

Mercedes-AMG GLS 63: a luxury seven-seater with attitude

Fri 1 Apr

Mercedes-Benz’s biggest SUV has had a refresh. That the company itself refers to the GLS as a luxury liner gives you the best clue to where this model fits into the range. 

SPEEDSTER PROFILE: The C-Class Coupe has a hunkered-down look that suits the car perfectly, helped by frameless doors

Mercedes-Benz’s C-Class is all Coupe’d up

Fri 18 Mar

It was a combination of models launched in an impressively busy year that saw Mercedes-Benz New Zealand take line honours in the race to be the best-selling luxury brand last year.

Motor Industry Association chief executive David Crawford

BMW regains lead as top luxury car

Thu 3 Mar 1

BMW has overtaken Mercedes-Benz as the most popular luxury passenger car so far this year.

GO-KART THRILLS: The Mercedes A 250 is a hot hatch, with fantastically predictable ride and steering feel, supportive sports seats, admirable power-to-weight and polar blast air conditioning

A-Class apart: how Mercedes-Benz reinvented its hatchback


There aren’t many examples of a particular car that has gone from awkward to awesome within a handful of years.


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