Michael Woodhouse

We need to be very careful what we wish for - Michael Woodhouse

Woodhouse moves to front-foot foreign tax issue

Fri 17 Jun

Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse has taken to quoting Gilbert & Sullivan on tightening tax rules for multinational firms. 

James Shaw (Photo: Rob Hosking)

Political Week: Tax, trusts – and why was Mallard looking at Shaw in a funny way?

Fri 17 Jun 3

Fairness, front footing, trusts and tax – and funny looks during first readings. With special feature audio.

Workplace Relations Minister Michael Woodhouse

Government vetoes paid parental leave extension

Thu 16 Jun 5

Bill English uses rare veto to block bill that would have extended paid parental leave from 18 to 26 weeks.

Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse (Photo: Rob Hosking)

NZ should be net beneficiary of global clampdown on tax avoidance, Woodhouse says

Wed 15 Jun 6

"My sense is that, when the noose is tightened around these countries, we will probably be net beneficiaries of the tax base," Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse said. With special feature audio.

Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse

'These guys don't have too many places to hide' – Woodhouse on trust tax review

Wed 15 Jun

Revenue Minister says Shewan foreign trust review likely to be delivered ahead of schedule. With special feature audio.

Prime Minister John Key

IRD poised to pounce as Panama Papers go public

Tue 10 May 31

Battlelines drawn as database goes live. Hooton labels it "The biggest orchestrated political smear in history."  With special feature audio.


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