Michael Woodhouse

Prime Minister John Key

IRD poised to pounce as Panama Papers go public

Tue 10 May 31

Battlelines drawn as database goes live. Hooton labels it "The biggest orchestrated political smear in history."  With special feature audio.

The Icehouse chief executive Andrew Hamilton

Entrepreneur visa programme shouldn’t obsess about new ventures, angel investor says

Mon 2 May 20

The government should focus on attracting 30-40 year-old business leaders who have already made their money to New Zealand, Andy Hamilton says. With special feature audio.

John Shewan

John Shewan to review foreign trust disclosure

Mon 11 Apr 40

UPDATED: “We’re prepared to look at changing the disclosure rules if Mr Shewan’s review finds this is warranted,” says Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse.

Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse (Photo: Rob Hosking)

New Zealand on global parade as Panamanian trust paradise


Successive governments of all stripes have nurtured a nasty tax loophole for reasons that remain obscure but now the game is up. With special feature audio.


Prime Minister John Key (Photo: Rob Hosking)

Key faces sustained questioning on NZ presence in 'Panama Papers'

Mon 4 Apr 15

Story breaks just days after PM describes vision for New Zealand as "Switzerland of the South Pacific".

MICHAEL WOODHOUSE: Kiwis want to know people are paying the tax they should pay

No easy answers on multinational tax

Fri 1 Apr

“It’s an emotional question with a rational answer,” is how Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse characterises the row over how much, or rather how little tax multinational firms pay to the New Zealand government.


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