Michael Woodhouse

Waterstone lawyer Alden Ho

Masala companies' debt trail

Wed 8 Apr 15 2

String of collapsed companies owe about $1.5 million | Another Labour Inspectorate action against Masala underway.

May Moncur

What industry thinks of tougher employment standards

Fri 27 Mar 15

Advocate concerned companies will just liquidate to avoid fines.

Employment and Manufacturers Association (EMA) chief executive Kim Campbell

A rise in the minimum wage is 'nutty' says EMA boss

Mon 2 Mar 15 11

“We’re basically having a government setting wages now.”

Police Minister Michael Woodhouse.

Minister finally up to speed on police road safety shortcomings

Tue 13 Jan 15 25

“Some of the messaging has been confusing,” Woodhouse concedes as he calls for review.

Workplace Relations Minister Michael Woodhouse

Firms broadly satisfied with labour flexibility under new employment law

Thu 13 Nov 14

Firms have given the thumbs up to new employment law aimed at creating a more flexible work force by letting employers negotiate the terms of meal breaks and overhauling collective bargaining rules.

Tourism Industry Association New Zealand chief executive Chris Roberts

Visas eased for rich Indians ahead of World Cricket Cup

Tue 11 Nov 14 2

Business visas for Indians will be processed in just three days.


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