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MSD opens first public computer kiosk of post-Ng era

Keith Ng

First Gen-i developed/tested kiosk of 780 goes live, eight months after security breach. Keith Ng tells NBR he has no plans to return to the scene.

MSD, Microsoft bankroll quake-hit non-profits | A walk through the bombsite CBD (PHOTOS)

Advocates of open source software immediately suspicious. UPDATED: CBD photos

Second Deloitte report into MSD security breach 'brutal' - Keith Ng

MSD chief executive Brendan Boyle

Report reveals leadership gap at MSD, Privacy Commissioner says. Ministry to hire security czar. | RAW DATA: Full report.

MSD won't prosecute Ng, or Bailey

John Edwards

Ministry finally makes up mind over legal action.

RAW DATA: Deloitte Independent Review of Information Systems Security, Phase I

PLUS: MSD statement | MSD Q&A Fact Sheet.

Deloitte phase I investigation into MSD security breach 'damning'

MSD chief executive Brendan Boyle

MSD chief executive Brendan Boyle has confirmed a number people will be held accountable for their action or inaction around the breaches. Four staff are being investigated.