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Mt Tongariro

Mountain operators hopeful of a quick reopening

The Tongariro track remains closed today after yesterday's eruption – the second in four months.

Tongariro eruptions could go on for nine months – GNS

Stewart Barclay near the eruption at 2pm yesterday (Photo: Adrift Outdoors)

Lake Taupo’s annual cycle challenge has started safely, despite the eruption.

Tongariro expects busy post-eruption Labour weekend

Mt Tongariro shortly after the eruption

Tongariro eruption creates business outside the square

Tourists enjoy Mt Ruapehu's crater lake (Photo: Adrift Outdoors Ltd)

Guided climbs to Mt Ruapehu’s crater lake have been offered as an alternative.

Tongariro magma could trigger another blow

GNS scientists assessing Mt Tongariro today

Tongariro crossing remains closed today, as scientists fly over the mountain to assess exactly where Monday night's eruption came from and whether another is likely.