National Business Review

Sam Zell’s dairy investment, Fonterra’s real revenue lags, dark pool dangers and weighing Scales

Fri 4 Jul 14

The US real estate mogul has emerged as a shareholder of a New Zealand dairy investment company

Fletcher in crosshairs, Hirepool IPO questioned, Wherescape feeds the beast and who’s got $360m?

Fri 20 Jun 14

Official documents reveal the prime targets for government moves to reduce building material costs

McClay shoots wrong target, African retailer appraises Postie, FMA handed Hanover files and World Cup explains world

Fri 13 Jun 14

Concern is growing over the Revenue Minister’s dramatic change of tax law by press release

Sir Bob Jones takes on Europe, pressure on Cunliffe, Moller’s red flag, and taxman avoidance shift

Fri 30 May 14

Robt Jones Holdings is setting up an England office

Queenstown Hilton sold to Chinese, Countdown warned against ‘underarm,’ plasterboard claims challenged and taxman slams door

Fri 23 May 14

Secretive hedge fund sells luxurious resort hotel to Chinese interests

Unmasking Mega speculators, Labour’s mission creep, prison no barrier for FSP and IPO fish hooks

Fri 2 May 14

Investors in TRS Investments explain why they’re buying into the Mega Ltd merger target.


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