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Top 10 predictions for the Internet in 2015

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From security to the TPP to streaming video.

Netflix director of corporate communications and technology Cliff Edwards: "Our vision is to be a global television station so what you see in one territory will be the same as another"

Netflix man confirms NZ service will be crummier than the US

Thu 20 Nov 14 7

But he also outlines an ambition to be in 10% of Kiwi homes.

Netflix NZ could have slimmer content than its US parent, due to Sky TV's lock on local rights. That could lead to Netflix trying to foster its NZ operation by becoming more aggressive in geoblocking Kiwis trying to access its Goldilocks US service

Netflix confirms NZ launch

Wed 19 Nov 14 6

Perversely, a Netflix local launch could actually help Quickflix, Spark's Lightbox and Sky TV's Neon — and not for the reason you might think.

Top of the Lake: one several NZ shows recently added to Spark's Lightbox

Streaming video: most favour Sky TV's pending Netflix-style service

Sat 15 Nov 14

But Lightbox well-positioned to meet 70,000 first-year sign-up target, says survey of 1088 adults.

Lightbox CEO Kym Niblock


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