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Neville Peat

BOOK EXTRACT: Shackleton's Whisky Chapter 17 - The Abandoned Years

Whisky label through a wrapper

Part 5 of 5: This extract details what happened to Shackleton's hut after he and his crew left it, while that case of whisky remained untouched underneath for nearly a century.

BOOK EXTRACT: Shackleton's Whisky Chapter 12 - Convivial in their Isolation

George Marston and James Murray relax at the door of the Nimrod Hut.

Part 4 of 5: This extract describes the cramped, damp conditions Shackleton's men found themselves in once they settled into their hut at McMurdo Sound. 

BOOK EXTRACT: Shackleton's Whisky Chapter 8 - Voyage to New Zealand

Nimrod at Cowes in August 1907, bound for New Zealand and the Antarctic.

Part 3 of 5: This extract describes the departure of Shackleton's crew from England and their voyage to Christchurch in the ageing vessel Nimrod, en route to Antarctica.

Book Extract: Shackleton's Whisky Chapter 5 - Shackleton's Men

A 2012 view of Shackleton's Regent St, London office block. Photo: Neville Peat

Part 2 of 5: This chapter details the origins of Shackleton's 1907 expedition, and how he selected the men who would go with him. 

BOOK EXTRACT: Shackleton's Whisky Chapter 3 - Malt Maturing

The Glen Mhor distillery, Inverness. Photo: Mackinlay Family Collection

Part 1 of 5: The origins of the Mackinlay's Scotch whisky which was found under Ernest Shackleton's hut in Antarctica 100 years after he left it. 

Book Review: Shackleton's Whisky by Neville Peat

Neville Peat's book, Shackleton Whisky

A riveting account of Ernest Shackleton's heroic 1907 Antarctic expedition, and the remarkable recovery a century later of a case of malt whisky left under his hut.