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The New Zealand Initiative's Jason Krupp

Editor's Insight: How to turn mining into a bonanza

Mon 23 Mar 15

A new report puts the onus on central government to turn red tape into "green gold"

New Zealand Initiative director Dr Oliver Hartwich

No transtasman union but maybe more Kiwi currencies?

Wed 18 Mar 15 3

New Zealand isn't truly a monolithic economy, perhaps there's other ways of structuring the economy.

New Zealand Initiative head of research Dr Eric Crampton

Editor's Insight: A growth story worth reading

Fri 13 Mar 15 3

Growth has not only obvious economic benefits but moral ones as well

Dr Oliver Hartwich

Opinion: Reforms are still possible … but they take time

Holiday Review 4

Prime Minister John Key’s defining strategy is one of incremental radicalism. 

New Zealand Initiative head of research Dr Eric Crampton

SUBSCRIBER ONLY POLL RESULT: Are you confident about the validity of reports commissioned from NZ’s economic research institutes?

Wed 5 Nov 14

The vast majority of NBR subscribers don't have faith in the findings of commissioned reports.


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