Norske Skog

Z Energy and Norske Skog seek govt support for sawdust-to-crude plant

Wed 13 Feb 8

Stump-to-pump strategy aims to make use of the fact that sawdust and forest residues could generate "about 10% of our crude oil requirements".

Catherine Beard

Warning of further job losses if govt caps offshore emissions trading

Fri 5 Oct 1

Manufacturing sector staff cuts will be even higher if the government takes the purist approach turged by opponents.

Bill English: Job losses regrettable but probably unavoidable

Job losses inevitable in declining industries, say ministers

Wed 12 Sep 25

Currency intervention as advocated by a business group and opposition parties would cut New Zealand living standards, the government says.

Tasman mill in Kawerau

Jobs jeopardised following Kawerau mill closure

Mon 10 Sep

The newsprint producer has confirmed it is halving capacity at its Tasman mill in Kawerau. 

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