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Prime Minister John Key (Photo: Rob Hosking)

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Catching up with the National Party

Tue 2 Feb 1

Where is the National Government going in 2016?

Hooton: Little funding free sociology BAs for everyone

NZ Politics Daily: Labour’s return to radicalism

Mon 1 Feb 3

Labour’s bold new “free tertiary education” announcement constitutes its most leftwing policy for decades. 

NZ POLITICS DAILY: The Perils of user-pays democracy

Fri 22 Jan 1

Information is the lifeblood of democracy.

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Dirty Politics won’t die

Fri 18 Dec

Last year’s Dirty Politics bombshell keeps going off. The ruling by the High Court against the Police for raiding Nicky Hager’s home is an important judgement in yet another busy year for the various Dirty Politics characters.

NZ POLITICS DAILY: An Erosion of integrity in 2015

Tue 15 Dec 2

Some soul searching about the state of democracy and transparency in New Zealand public life is warranted at the end of the year. In this column I look back at the struggle for integrity in politics in 2015. 

Judith Collins

NZ POLITICS DAILY: The Political comeback of the year

Tue 8 Dec 1

Outspoken backbench National MP Judith Collins has made the year in politics much more interesting. It is fitting, therefore, that she should end the year with a high-profile and contentious promotion.


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