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Shamubeel Eaqub

NZ POLITICS DAILY: The Housing apartheid problem

Fri 24 Jul 10

There’s a social divide opening up in New Zealand cities, especially Auckland, over home ownership.

Labour’s housing spokesman Phil Twyford

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Labour’s dangerous racial politics

Wed 15 Jul 10

Will Labour become characterised as “the racist party”?

Amy Adams

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Dangers for democracy in today’s cyber bullying law

Tue 30 Jun

So is online democracy under threat?

NZ POLITICS DAILY: NZ’s military future

Fri 26 Jun 2

Largely flying under the radar of mainstream public debate, the Government has launched a major Defence Review and initial public consultations finished this week.

Colin Craig (TV3)

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Redemption or death for Colin Craig’s Conservatives

Wed 24 Jun 2

Can Colin Craig and his Conservative Party be welcomed back into the fold?

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Why won’t New Zealand save more refugees?

Fri 19 Jun 6

Should New Zealand accept more refugees?


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