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red zone

Red-zone quake residents may be left out in the cold

Red zoners may have for fare for themselves

"If services break down they won't be replaced," Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says.

New home building in quake city ‘appalling’

Tower told to pay quake damage loss

Insurance company loses case taken by a red-zoned Christchurch couple.

Brownlee renames red zone as 'Rebuild Zone'

Gerry Brownlee

Minister talks the talk on Christchurch media junket.

Twisty quake bridge gone

The battered Medway St footbridge on Avonside Drive was removed today

The buckled footbridge in Christchurch’s red zone was removed today.

'Notices' are not compulsory purchases – yet, says CERA

Warwick Isaacs: Seeking in a `willing buyer, willing seller’ negotiation