Sanitarium settles with British Marmite man

Wed 13 Feb 13 8

The food giant has settled its trademark case against a Christchurch man whose 2000-jar shipment of British Marmite was detained by Customs.

Marmite back from March 20

Tue 12 Feb 13

Still bidding on that $50 jar. Trade Me "Black Market" is about to collapse.

Marmite's European and religious roots revealed

Tue 23 Oct 12

Sanitarium's heavy-handed legal threats over imported Marmite defy history.

Katherine Rich: Supports Sanitarium in bid to block imports by Marmite rival

Katherine Rich takes side in Marmite war

Wed 17 Oct 12 23

Sanitarium is trying to prevent a Christchurch man from importing a rival version of Marmite.

Marmite drought drags on

Tue 9 Oct 12 14

Sanitarium says its factory will be back up and running soon, but it could still be some time before Marmite is back on the shelves.

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