scf trial

Edward Sullivan and Robert White, chief executive Lachie McLeod and company accountant Terrence Hutton (TV3)

South Canterbury prosecutor confusion

Wed 21 May 14

The South Canterbury Finance fraud trial has been diverted into arguments about correct disclosure

SCF defence lawyers query independent witness, seek invoices

Mon 12 May 14

Parade of movers and shakers bear witness at South Canterbury trial

Sat 5 Apr 14

More witneses gave their versions of history at the South Canterbury fraud trial

Ed Sullivan

Lund in hot seat at Timaru fraud trial

Fri 4 Apr 14

Woolpack director Ross Lund gives evidence at South Canterbury Finance fraud trial

Allan Hubbard

Hubbard wandered over to South Canterbury almost daily

Thu 27 Mar 14

South Canterbury Finance chairman Allan Hubbard had his own offices next door


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