Simon Bridges

Property Council Wellington branch president Mike Cole

Bring people in, don’t tax them out – Property Council

Wed 23 Sep 1

Property Council says calls to implement a congestion charge for Wellington’s CBD are a knee-jerk reaction.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges

Bridges approves agreement that restores Beijing air link

Wed 2 Sep

The deal between Air New Zealand and Air China will run for more than five years.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges

Results, not intentions, needed in Auckland – or National will lose

Fri 28 Aug 8

All this talk of 'terms of reference' and scatterings of bureaucratic TLAs is starting to get a bit Helengrad.


NBR reporter Rob Hosking breaks down the political and economic week that was on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges

Minister extends Hong Kong airline alliance

Tue 25 Aug

Transport Minister Simon Bridges approves four-year deal against tourism industry objections.

Commercial drone operator Jared Waddams

Drone operators must now seek permission of landowners

Thu 23 Jul 11

Commercial drone operator sees huge costs.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges

Editor's Insight: Why KiwiRail is the albatross of the NZ economy

Fri 10 Jul 16

Treasury analysis of the rail network reveals the costs outweigh the benefits


Nevil Gibson discusses his latest Editor's Insight on NBR Radio, and on demand on MyNBR Radio.


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