Simon Bridges

Dominos' public relations-delivery unit

Dominos' drone delivery trial is PR BS

Fri 26 Aug 27

And Simon Bridges is along for the ride. With special feature audio.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges

Government unveils $10 million electric vehicle fund

Fri 12 Aug 7

Simon Bridges says the new fund will help accelerate the uptake of EVs in New Zealand. With special feature audio.

New Zealand Initiative head of research Eric Crampton

Uber ban would make Kiwis look like ‘idiots’ abroad

Wed 10 Aug 28

Simon Bridges says Uber is mocking New Zealand laws and that a total ban on its operation is an option.

Around the traps

Fri 8 Jul

Worsening traffic congestion and rising house prices will push more Auckland office-based businesses into the suburbs, Regus NZ area director Pierre Ferrandon says

Transport Minister Simon Bridges

Bridges uses OIA to buy time on Auckland billboard bylaw decision

Thu 7 Jul 6

Transport Minister cloaks Auckland Transport's bylaw change justification by invoking Official Information Act.


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