Simon Bridges

Public affairs strategist Matthew Hooton.

Hooton rides to AECT’s rescue, adds to overhead

Thu 18 Dec 14 13

NBR columnist takes up cudgel on behalf of under siege trust.

Minister of Energy and Resources Simon Bridges told NBR ONLINE if New Zealand were to open up another basin and there was a significant find, there is no question it would be an economic game changer

Minister defends decision to grant new oil exploration permits

Wed 10 Dec 14 1

The government-granted oil and gas exploration permits will open the door for thousands of new jobs, says resource minister.

Minister of Energy and Resources Simon Bridges

Chevron, Indian state oil company enter NZ oil search for the first time

Tue 9 Dec 14

The third annual round of oil and gas exploration licences has attracted two new international players.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL RESULT: Which funding pathway do you prefer for Auckland’s transport network?

Mon 17 Nov 14

Over a third of voters prefer the prospect of the super-city stalling to either funding option.

Minister of Transport Simon Bridges.

Officials urge Bridges to get behind 2016 Rail Link start

Fri 14 Nov 14 12

Minister of Transport's officials support Auckland Mayor's plan.

Early adopter: Voyager Internet CEO Seeby Woodhouse takes the i8 for a spin

BMW joins rush to EVs – but only for the few

Wed 12 Nov 14 1

Fewer than two dozen of the i3 and i8 are available for the New Zealand market in the first year.


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