Simon Bridges

Cabinet reshuffle needed soon

Fri 23 Sep

Remember Kate Wilkinson and Phil Heatley?  Don’t worry, neither does anyone else.

Phil Goff

Goff talks to NZ Super Fund, but won't change position on key assets

Fri 16 Sep

Goff says he was approached by the fund’s CEO who says it is keen to invest in ‘new infrastructure’ in Auckland.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges

$24 billion Auckland transport package comes with a $4 billion shortfall

Fri 16 Sep 22

Congestion charges expected to be introduced. With special feature audio.

Minister of transport Simon Bridges (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

Government to stump up for any further CRL cost blowouts

Thu 15 Sep 3

The government and Auckland Council share CRL's commercial risks. With special feature audio. 

Transport Minister Simon Bridges

Uber seeks government affairs manager to lobby for regulatory change in NZ

Mon 12 Sep

Taxi drivers have protested at the double standard.

Barry Devlin

Are we being taken for a ride by driverless cars?

Fri 2 Sep

Driverless cars are being billed as the solution to all our traffic woes but one expert believes they could create a whole new set of problems.



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