Simon Bridges

Pūhoi-Warkworth Highway

Government seeks $1b saving by making Puhoi-Warkworth Highway a PPP

Wed 27 May 1

Transport Minister Simon Bridges says may free up $1 billion of state funding for other projects.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges

Budget 2015: Govt warns KiwiRail hundreds of millions in annual support can’t last

Thu 21 May 1

KiwiRail takes the lion' share of $249 million additional transport funding over the next four years.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges

Bridges bashes Auckland Council's transport plan


On the heels of the council voting for a $114 transport levy, the transport minister names projects he would like to see axed in favour of more local roads.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges

Roading not a growth generator

Holiday Review 6

The Ministry of Transport has told a forum on infrastructure that there is no case for further major investment in the road transport system to achieve economic development. 

Transport Minister Simon Bridges

Editor's Insight: Why open skies offer more than they deliver

Tue 31 Mar

The government has signed off more air service agreements.

Minister of Energy and Resources Simon Bridges

NZ puts seven new oil and gas areas up for tender

Mon 30 Mar 2

Shell New Zealand is due to drill exploration wells in the Great South Basin over the 2015/16 summer.


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