Sue Begg

Commerce Commission commission deputy chairwoman Sue Begg

Regulatory curbs limit excessive profits from lines companies

Wed 8 Jun 1

The regulator sets price-quality paths to limit revenue for 17 distributors and requires all 29 of the country's lines companies.

Commerce Commission deputy chair Sue Begg

Dairy deregulation could see Fonterra raising prices: ComCom

Wed 2 Mar 1

The Commerce Commission says the domestic dairy industry isn't competitive enough for deregulation yet. With special audio feature.

Commerce Commission deputy chair Sue Begg

ComCom still keen on more deregulation in dairy industry

Tue 1 Mar

The report on dairy sector competition reaffirms an earlier view that a staged approach to amending the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act is warranted.

Commerce Commission deputy chair Sue Begg

ComCom argues Fonterra's support loans should be included in milk price calculation

Tue 15 Dec 2

Fonterra collects 85% of New Zealand's milk each year.

Commerce Commission deputy chair Sue Begg

ComCom recommends moving the goalposts for dairy deregulation

Mon 9 Nov

The regulator wants the bar for allowing deregulation of the dairy industry raised from the level set in the legislation which established Fonterra in 2001.

Transpower Chairman Mark Verbiest

Transpower allowed just 2% revenue growth in five years

Fri 28 Nov

Commerce Commission has decided how much the national energy grid can earn in next five years.


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