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Kensington Swan partner Jenni Rutter

Noel Leeming trade mark dispute not simply David and Goliath, lawyer says

Mon 25 Jan

IP lawyer says she can see why Network Agents is “peeved” but it would have a much stronger argument if it had registered the trade mark. With special feature audio.

‘Noel Leeming rebrand cost my business hundreds of thousands’

Fri 22 Jan

Noel Leeming and a small IT company are fighting for control of a similar logo.

Outgoing Warehouse Group chief executive Mark Powell

Warehouse Group predicts big profit rise

Tue 12 Jan 2

Strong first half sales and profit performance recorded across group's brands.

IDC NZ research director Peter Wise

Is 2Degrees' joint venture with The Warehouse a good idea?

Fri 27 Nov

Find out what subscribers think, and why The Warehouse believes there's a gap in the market.

IDC NZ country manager Peter Wise

2degrees smart to partner with The Warehouse, says telco expert

Tue 24 Nov 6

The Warehouse is facing online backlash on its new prepay mobile pricing but 2degrees is being smart in its battle against Skinny.

Warehouse Group chief executive Mark Powell

Finance fine – but The Warehouse faces strong currency headwind

Fri 20 Nov

Shareholders assured the group's not biting off more than it can chew by expanding into finance and mobile.


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