while you were sleeping

While you were sleeping: More clouds on rates

Thu 7 May 15

Declines in shares of Microsoft and those of Pfizer, last down 2.5 percent and 2.3 percent respectively.

While you were sleeping: US trade gap balloons

Wed 6 May 15

Commerce Department report showed that the US trade deficit increased 43.1 percent in March.

While you were sleeping: Bulls still in charge

Tue 5 May 15

Despite a weakening in the pace of US economic growth, corporate earnings have not been as dire as some had anticipated.

World markets defy expectations in month of surprises

Mon 4 May 15

Wall Street fell sharply, the US dollar slumped against a resurgent euro and oil prices rose.

World markets overnight: US share slide gathers momentum

Fri 1 May 15

The best performing shares of this year are now caught in the market slide.

World markets overnight: US growth slump sends stocks, dollar tumbling

Thu 30 Apr 15

The 0.2% GDP growth in the first quarter was well below expectations.


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