while you were sleeping

While you were sleeping: McDonald’s, Boeing rally

Fri 30 Jan 15

Gains in shares of McDonald's and those of Boeing, each up 4.9 percent, helped propel the Dow higher.

While you were sleeping: Apple, Boeing soar

Thu 29 Jan 15

The Dow advanced, propelled by gains in shares of Boeing and those of Cisco, up 6.4 percent and 1.7 percent respectively.

While you were sleeping: Microsoft, Caterpillar slump

Wed 28 Jan 15

Microsoft's latest quarterly results failed to meet the mark, particularly in commercial licensing revenue, its historic bellwether business.

While you were sleeping: Europe extends ECB advance

Tue 27 Jan 15

Stoxx Europe 600 Index ended the day with a 0.6 percent increase from the previous close.

While you were sleeping: ECB exceeds expectations

Fri 23 Jan 15

ECB said it plans to buy 60 billion euros worth of assets per month, starting in March until at least the end of September 2016.

While you were sleeping: Stocks advance on ECB reports

Thu 22 Jan 15

European equity markets rebounded from losses after the report.


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