while you were sleeping

While you were sleeping: ECB, China bets lift mood

Fri 27 Nov

European equities climbed.

While you were sleeping: US stocks pause ahead of Thanksgiving

Thu 26 Nov

UPDATED The Dow gains just one point as new data confirm the economy is still advancing.

While you were sleeping: Turkey shooting offsets GDP boost

Wed 25 Nov

UPDATED Oil prices spike, hitting airlines stocks with a double-whammy.

While you were sleeping: US dollar hits commodities, Wall St down

Tue 24 Nov

UPDATED The strong greenback is hitting commodities; Wall Street edges lower on major drug company merger.

While you were sleeping: Stocks ease as Wall Street embraces Fed's gradualism UPDATED

Fri 20 Nov

The Dow falls less than five points after previous session's big rally. UPDATED

While you were sleeping: Stocks rally as Wall St braces for rate rise

Thu 19 Nov

US Federal Reserve meeting minutes show "it could well be" time for interest rates to rise for the first time in nearly a decade 


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