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Working IT

Eight sales presentation tips

Debbie Mayo-Smith

WORKING IT Creating a great sales presentation is similar to constructing a great speech. You want to keep attention. Motivate. Convince. Move to action.

Linking in to know more about new staff

Debbie Mayo-Smith

WORKING IT The answer to getting to know new staff is LinkedIn, which is getting more popular by the day.

Turning numbers and words into knowledge

Debbie Mayo-Smith

WORKING IT Business Intelligence software is geared towards allowing you to get to the information – and make decisions – quickly and easily.

Why the help menu is your best friend

Debbie Mayo-Smith

WORKING IT There is a vast gulf between the everyday business tools people have on hand, and what they can actually do with them. Learn to use them smarter.

How you sell the benefits of technology

Debbie Mayo-Smith

WORKING IT There is often a culture clash within an organisation of those who love and adopt new mobile technology, and those who won’t go near it. Here's how you can "sell" a changeover.

Smartphone routines to reap referrals and revenue

Debbie Mayo-Smith

WORKING IT Creating a great customer experience will drive referrals, which we all know are the best source of new business. Here are some smart technology shortcuts you can use at any time, anywhere.