$23 million show of support for Charile Hebdo

Circulation leaps from 60,000 copies to five million.

French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo has grossed €15,000,000 ($NZ22,893,000) for its latest issue, with more than five million copies on sale worldwide.

It took only minutes for the magazine to sell out in Paris, with reports from across the globe revealing a similar story.  

Since the attack on the publication last week, anticipation for today’s edition has been huge.

Charlie Hebdo usually has a circulation of 60,000, but the publishers planned this week’s edition to be closer to three million copies in six different languages, before deciding to further increase the number to five million copies.

Reports have been flooding in from across the globe of outlets with hundreds of copies in stock being sold out within minutes.

In Paris, long pre-dawn queues of people outside kiosks could be seen across the city.

Copies of the publication are already up on Ebay, selling for as much as $100,000 Euros ($152,636NZD)

The front cover depicts the prophet Muhammad sheading a tear, whilst holding a sign which reads “Je suis Charlie” (I am Charlie).

The headline reads “Tout est pardonné” – all is forgiven.

A surviving columnist at Charlie Hebdo Zineb El Rhazoui says the cover was a call to forgive the terrorist who murdered her colleagues last week.


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