2degrees unveils NZ’s ‘largest’ mobile broadband plan – Vodafone responding

Mobile data remainss astoundingly expensive next to landlines, but at least options are getting more flexible. 2degrees today introduced what’s billing as New Zealand’s largest and longest lasting mobile broadband data plan.

The new deal lets you buy 12GB of data for $150, with the pack lasting 180 days.

As with most other 2degrees mobile broadband deals, it can only be used in areas (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown) where the carrier has built its own 3G network.

The advantage may be short-lived.

NBR understands that Vodafone will unveil new mobile broadband plans either later today, or tomorrow, specifically around the 2GB mark.

2degrees also said today that its launch “specials” on mobile data would be permanent.

They let you buy 1GB of mobile data for $20 (which lasts 30 days) or 3GB for $50, which lasts 60 days.

The only 2degrees mobile broadband deal that applies nationwide is a 50 data pack, which costs $6 (which translates to $120 per GB) and must be used within 30 days.

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