Apple's App Store clocks 50 billionth download

May 17: Apple clocked its 50 billionth App Store app download overnight - roughly double the number downloaded from Google's Play store for Android apps.

As fate (or good PR planning) would have it, the milestone came bang in the middle of Google's I/O developer conference.

The company ran competition that saw a $US10,000 App Store gift card go to the 50 billionth downloader. He was Brandon Ashmore from Ohio.


As 50 billionth download nears, Apple names most popular iPhone, iPad apps of all time

May 4: As the 50 billionth iTunes App Store app download nears, Apple has released lists of the most popular iPhone and iPad apps of all time (in September last year, Google said there had been 25 billion downloads from its Play store, which feeds apps to Android phones. The popular wisdom is that although there are many more Android phones, some are low spec, and their owners less well-heeled, or otherwise less inclined to download lots of apps).

Apple, which splits revenue 30/70 with app makers, says it has not paid out more than $US9 billion to developers - implying all-time AppStore revenue somewhere north of $US30 billion (a fair sum for most companies, but reasonably modest by Apple standards. The company had total revenue of $US39.2 billion for its March 2013 quarter alone).

The company says there are now more than 850,000 apps in the iTunes AppStore.

Many are pure fun. Others have wrought major change, such as WhatsAp and Microsoft's Skype, which let people contact each other by wi-fi and internet - cutting traditional phone companies out of the txt or voice call loop.

The all-time favourites (if you below to iTunes, link to the list in the AppStore here):

Top Paid iPhone
1. Angry Birds
2. Fruit Ninja
3. Doodle Jump
4. Cut The Rope
5. Angry Birds Seasons
6. Words With Friends
7. Tiny Wings
8. Angry Birds Rio
9. Pocket God
10. Camera+
11. The Moron Test
12. Plants vs. Zombies
13. Skee-Ball
14. The Game of Life
15. Scrabble
16. Monopoly
17. Fat Booth
18. WhatsApp
19. UNO
20. Color Splash
21. The Sims 3
22. Flight Control
23. MotionX GPS Drive
24. Where’s Waldo
25. I Am T-Pain 2.0

Top Free iPhone
1. Facebook
2. Pandora Radio
3. Words With Friends Free
4. Skype
5. The Weather Channel
6. Google Search
7. Google Earth
8. Angry Birds Free
9. Shazam
10. Netflix
11. Paper Toss
12. Twitter
13. Movies by Flixster
14. Bump
15. PAC-MAN Lite
16. Flashlight.
17. Unblock Me FREE
18. Temple Run
19. Instagram
20. Touch Hockey
21. Angry Birds Lite
22. ESPN ScoreCenter
23. Fruit Ninja Lite
24. Groupon
25. Angry Birds Rio Free

Top Paid iPad
1. Pages
2. Angry Birds HD
3. Angry Birds Seasons HD
4. Penultimate
5. Scrabble for iPad
6. Fruit Ninja HD
7. GarageBand
8. GoodReader
9. Angry Birds Rio HD
10. Cut The Rope HD
11. Numbers
12. Keynote
13. Words With Friends HD
14. Star Walk for iPad
15. MONOPOLY for iPad
16. Plants vs. Zombies HD
17. Where’s My Water?
18. Friendly Plus for Facebook
19. QuickOffice Pro HD
20. Notability
21. Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad
22. Pinball HD
23. MyPad+ – For Facebook & Twitter
24. Infinity Blade
25. Real Racing 2

Top Free iPad
1. Angry Birds HD Free
2. The Weather Channel for iPad
3. Netflix
4. Skype for iPad
5. Kindle
6. ABC Player
7. Pandora Radio
8. Angry Birds HD Free
9. CNN App for iPad
10. Words With Friends HD Free
11. Google Earth
12. Calculator Pro for iPad Free
13. Fruit Ninja HD Lite
14. Calculator for iPad Free
15. NYTimes for iPad
16. USA TODAY for iPad
17. Facebook
18. MyPad – for Facebook & Twitter
19. Flipboard
20. eBay for iPad
21. Angry Birds Seasons HD Free
23. Twitter
24. Solitaire
25. Friendly for Facebook