Auckland Arts Festival: House of Mirrors

House of Mirrors
Conceived by Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney
Festival Playground, Silo Park

To March 25

The House of Mirrors is a fantastic mirror maze for children and adults which amazes and bewilders. For many it will be the Easter Show mirrors on steroids or a more elaborate version of your mother's three mirrored dressing table with its repeated images.

It is constructed from 40 tonnes of steel and 15 tonnes of glass, and appears to consist of endless corridors of glass. In some the reflected images disappear into the distance, in others there appear to be no reflections at all.

At one point there is a particularly clever illusion. One stands looking down an endless corridor and sees oneself but from the rear. Advancing along the corridor another self enters from the side to stand next to the rear-facing figure and advancing further another self emerges.

At the centre is a ghostly figure painted by Terry Taylor, an amalgam of herself and her mother. The figure then reappears as an apparition along one of the corridor.

Then through what appears to an exit door one enters an infinity room where dozens of reflections overlap and intrude.

The House of Mirrors is a remarkable mixture of art, science and magic, providing a remarkable visual experience.