Auckland port abandons consents appeal

Ports of Auckland avoids protester bashlash by not appealing court decision.

Ports of Auckland is not going to appeal the recent High Court decision revoking consents for its downtown wharf extensions.

Auckland Council said two days ago it would not appeal the decision in the case brought by Urban Auckland.

POAL chief executive Tony Gibson says the company hasn’t made a decision on whether to reapply for consent for the smaller wharf it has already started building at the end of Bledisloe Wharf.

“While the board’s decision will cause some problems with consenting and the company’s ability to accommodate more and longer ships, we feel appealing the case will not produce a sustainable resolution to the issues.

“We will now look to the council’s Future Port Study to help find workable, long-term solutions to Auckland’s sea freight needs.”

He says there is still an immediate need to berth longer ships at the general cargo wharves and the company will talk to its clients and stakeholders to find possible short-term solutions.

“Our container operations at Fergusson Terminal are not affected by this decision and continue to thrive. 

“Over the coming months we expect to be able to announce a number of new initiatives to improve that part of our business further,” he says.

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