Aucklanders intensify, Cantabrians stretch out

Cantabrians are enjoying big choices of house style in new subdivisions.   NBR reporter Chris Hutching talks about house prices on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Cantabrians are luxuriating in expansive residences as Aucklanders squeeze up.

Moreover, northerners are paying big premiums for their little dwellings compared with the generous southern homes.

A recent survey of homes advertised on shows that in 2013 Aucklanders’ homes averaged 158sq m, compared with just 114sq m in 2015.

The average size in Canterbury in 2013 was 152sq m, rising to 158sq m in 2015.

Wellington remains unchanged at 156sq m.

The changes in Canterbury are explained by the wave of new subdivisions on the periphery of the city with full sections and a wider choice of house styles.

In Auckland the smaller size reflects the greater number of apartment and townhouse offerings and less construction.

But when it comes to costs, Auckland is well ahead of the pack.

In 2013, the average asking price of an Auckland home offered for sale was $762,784, or $4827 a square metre; by 2015, the asking price for the smaller average sized home ballooned to $970,789, or $8493 a square metre – an increase of more than 75%.

In Canterbury the average asking price of houses increased by 7.3% – from $451,987 to $485,027 or $3078 a square metre.

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