Aussie judge appointed to Bain comp claim

Justice Minister Amy Adams has appointed Ian Callinan QC to conduct a new inquiry into David Bain’s compensation suit.

Mr Callinan is a retired judge of the High Court of Australia (Australia's highest court). 

Ms Adams says in a statement Mr Callinan is a distinguished and highly respected member of the Australian legal fraternity.

Earlier this year the cabinet decided to set aside all previous advice relating to Mr Bain’s claim and conduct a fresh inquiry.

“Mr Callinan’s appointment is a significant step in progressing Mr Bain’s claim for compensation and bringing some finality to the case,” says Ms Adams.

Ms Adams selected Mr Callinan from a shortlist of retired judges with extensive criminal experience from New Zealand and overseas jurisdictions.

Initially, Mr Callinan has been asked to advise whether he is satisfied that Mr Bain has proven that he is innocent of murder on the balance of probabilities and, if so, whether he is also satisfied Mr Bain has proven he is innocent beyond reasonable doubt.

Mr Callinan will start work immediately and expects to be able to report back to the Justice Minister within six months.