Baldwin Boyle director Graeme McMillan steps down

He steps down after 26 years with the firm.

Graeme McMillan has stepped down from the board of Baldwin Boyle Group (BBG), the Auckland-based firm that has long handled Fonterra Cooperative Group's communications, to take up a full-time position with the dairy company.

McMillan, a veteran of the communications industry, stepped down as a director of BBG this month after 26 years with the firm. He joined in 1991 and most recently led Fonterra's farmer shareholder communications. He is now senior business partner, communications, at Fonterra, working in the area of consumer products and food service.

McMillan retains a direct holding in BBG of about 14 percent and retains a further interest through his one-third holding in Baldwin Boyle Trustee, which owns about 16 percent of BBG.

The shift comes after Fonterra reportedly trimmed what was a $6 million a year contract with BBG, which saw McMillan and other BBG staffers offered direct employment by the dairy company, the NBR reported last month. Fonterra started renegotiations on a five-year contract with BBG ahead of it coming due in early 2018, it reported, citing Fonterra director of communications Helen Moore as saying the new BBG contract allowed the company to "embed its strong in-house communications team" while retaining some BBG services.

Among BBG staffers still working on the Fonterra contract is Dan Wrigley, who also holds a small stake in the comms firm.