Blacklisting blues for Telecom email business customers

A spam filtering problem hits thousands, leading to two days of overloading and delays.

Some Telecom Broadband business customers are still experiencing problems related to technical foul-up that struck yesterday.

"At 11am on Monday, our Xtra and Officemail services came under heavy load with overloaded email queues," a spokesman said.

"Two of three of our Mail Transfer Agents [a router for mail out to the internet] were blacklisted with Sorbs [spam filtering agent that sits in front of ISPs to block unwanted spam]."

"Customers [numbering in the thousands] would have experienced outgoing mail delays."

The spokesman said service has returned to normal for "the vast majority of customers".

However, "some Officemail customers may still be experiencing outgoing email issues".

He added: "We are working to fix this issue as fast as we can, and apologise for any inconvenience this has caused our customers."

The Telecom spokesman confirmed "the majority of both Xtra and Officemail is hosted by Yahoo". The balance is hosted inhouse on Telecom servers.

Telecom's broadband business (formerly branded as Xtra) outsourced its webmail services to Yahoo's Australian operation in 2007 - a move dubbed a fiasco at the time amid ongoing technical problems and customer confusion over the transition.

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