BOOK EXTRACT: No.8 Re-wired - 202 New Zealand Inventions That Changed the World

No. 8 Re-wired: 202 New Zealand Inventions That Changed the World

By Jon Bridges and David Downs

If necessity is the mother of invention then Kiwi ingenuity is its father.

No. 8 Re-wired is a comprehensive, colourful treasury of New Zealand inventions – jam-packed with the stories behind 202 home-grown creations and the crafty people who dreamt them up. From well-known innovations (human flight, the discovery of DNA, the pavlova) to lesser-known feats (instant coffee, the referee's whistle, the electronic petrol pump) to the newest in high-tech world-firsts (robots and jetpacks!), it is the most complete and entertaining book ever on Kiwi ingenuity. And, yes, the pav is definitely ours.

A surprising and absorbing account of Kiwi can-do, and a celebration of the No. 8 wire spirit on which New Zealand is built, it's also a revealing look at how innovation can power us into the future.

The book covers 202 inventions. Check out these tasters below

The Martin Jetpack

Pickering’s Satellite

The New Zealand Space Programme

The Springfree Trampoline

Kites and SawsKites and Saws


Ski Plane 


Bungy Jumping

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