Botulism scare’s ripple effect, Brian Henry’s manipulation defence, Xero rival’s ambush and Helen Clark’s legacy

It's not just dairy exporters who will be caught by the Fonterra botulism scare.

It’s not just dairy exporters who will be caught by the Fonterra botulism scare.

The aftermath will touch all food exporters, former agriculture minister Jim Sutton says in today’s National Business Review print edition.

The newspaper’s coverage includes columnist Matthew Hooton pointing out where a government inquiry into Fonterra should head, academic Nicholas Dynon on how quickly New Zealand brands can bounce back in China and editor in chief Nevil Gibson’s take on how the controversy was ramped up by a campaign in China against foreign infant formula suppliers.

The storm has also prompted a disclosure reminder on a popular New Zealand share trading website.

Meanwhile, business editor Duncan Bridgeman gets access to court papers relating to venture capitalist Brian Henry’s market manipulation civil proceeding, and outlines Henry’s defence.

Digital editor Chris Keall details how Nasdaq-listed company Intuit is pushing back against Xero’s attempts to gain a foothold in the lucrative United States market, in what chief executive Rod Drury is calling an “ambush”.

With Labour folks flocking to welcome former leader Helen Clark back to the country for a lecture tour, prompting debate about her legacy, economics editor Rob Hosking warns the John Key-led National Party of the perils of building too much appeal around one individual.

In his Economically Speaking column, Neville Bennett ruminates on the life of unheralded political philosopher Kenneth Minogue, who died in June.

Given the government’s deal with Rio Tinto to secure the Tiwai Pt aluminium smelter, Shoeshine traverses what it means for soon-to-be partially-privatised Meridian Energy and likely government sweeteners for the float.

In Asia Watch, Nathan Smith says signs are looking increasingly promising for an extended period of growth for the “tiger cub” Philippines.

All in the National Business Review print edition. Out now.