Cairns back on sticky legal wicket as Modi sues again

New case essentially accuses ex-NZ cricketer of perjury again, but requires lower standard of proof.

There’ll be no respite for Chris Cairns from legal action relating to match fixing allegations, according to the UK’s Telegraph.

Just two days after the former Black Caps allrounder was found not guilty of perjury and perverting the course of justice by a London jury, the newspaper is reporting it understands he’ll be back in London’s High Court early next year to defend a £1.5 million civil claim for fraud brought by Indian Premier League founder Lalit Modi.

The case Mr Cairns just won related to allegations that he lied in a 2012 libel trial in which he was awarded £90,000 ($210,000) damages after he sued Mr Modi over a tweet that accused him of match-fixing. Mr Modi also had to pay Mr Cairns legal fees of £1 million.

Mr Modi’s civil claim was lodged in light of new evidence that’s emerged since 2012, with the Telegraph reporting that Mr Modi has cited testimony given by Brendon McCullum and Lou Vincent to the International Cricket Council regarding Mr Cairns’s alleged match fixing.

Earlier this week he was reported to be considering whether to continue with his legal action in light of the perjury verdict. 

In seeking to have the original libel verdict set aside and sue Mr Cairns for fraud on the basis he won the case thanks to untrue evidence, Mr Modi is essentially accusing the former NZ cricketer of perjury again.

The difference in this new case is that the standard of proof required in a civil case is lower than in the kind of criminal proceedings that Mr Cairns has just weathered.

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