Carbon fibre to fix Merivale Mall

Carbon fibre will be used to strengthen marivale Mall

Carbon fibre will fix the earthquake problems that forced the recent closure of Merivale Mall in Christchurch .

The mall was partly closed on February 11 when the central two-storey area was identified as earthquake prone by structural engineers.

The area complied with the earthquake codes current when it was built but the engineers said it did not comply with the new earthquake codes updated in 2011.

Carbon fibre will be used to strengthen the suspended floor and a building consent application for the remedial work was lodged last week with Christchurch City Council.

The work is under way and if the city council provides certification the closed ground floor tenancies could begin trading again during the week beginning March 19 and the fist floor tenancies one week later.

Carbon fibre has become a commonly used method for strengthening Christchurch buildings. Other malls have used it to wrap concrete columns holding car parks and structures.